Artisan Bio

This West Coast girl has struggled with mental illness for years folks. There, I said it. Not easy. Which is why I'm sooo excited to share the West Coast Sandal Co. with you! As the brand and niche product-line continues to grow, so too, will I be able to increase awareness about the awful stigma attached to this disease.

What I do know for sure is no one should ever assume you know everything about someone. 

Success and fulfillment I've achieved and learned it comes not from the status or rungs you manage to climb in the corporate world (and I got near the top). 

It's figuring out your shtick and then just ff'ing doing it. No excuses. 

A life-long creator, educator, marketer, and entrepreneur at heart, my path forward was revealed crystal clear to me the very instant I put myself out there to find it.

 May my story help inspire you to find your own destiny or to keep going.  Not to mention a 'Uniquely Yours' sandal set or two! Made with love y'all.  

           Christine xo